Skill Training


In order to fight all odds, survive and succeed, women must learn to be financially independent. Rural women who are illiterate or have attended schools only till primary get an opportunity to earn livelihood through cutting and tailoring. For rural women, tailoring provides an easiest way to generate an income of their own.

Some of the 

» Skill Enhancement  – Vocational training
» Community Engagement & Industry Mapping
» Trade Mapping – IT/ITeS, B&WSSC
» Counseling, Screening & Enrollment training – equipped skill development center, trainees, tools & equipments etc
» Exposure visits & Guest lectures
» Assessment & Certification
In our Skill training projects, we got tremendous support from WAPCOS Ltd  and MMTC Ltd.

SDCES provides vocational training in cutting and tailoring to help women start-up a business of their own and become financially independent. Through various training centres, our NGO intends to make women confident and self-sufficient.   

Through cutting and tailoring course, women learn the art of embroidery, designing clothes, and stitching. Depending upon their interest, they can learn basic stitching or go for the advanced course. They learn the detailed art and acquire necessary skills through practical training.

SDCES organizes free cutting and tailoring programs during which volunteers and teachers train women to be self-employed. We conduct surveys in rural areas to encourage women, girls and their parents to pursue this training in order to secure a source of income. There’s one more benefit – they can continue their work from home so that they can also manage their traditional role as a homemaker.


Well-educated women can help to create an educated society and thus pay her contribution in progressive nation. Not all women are economically stable to finance her education to thrive in the modern women. SDCES manages and runs computer learning centre to help these deprived women realize their dream of learning computers and secure a bright career.

The computer training centre provides basic training as well as advanced courses to students so that they can have better career perspectives. We have a dream of making every student proficient in using computers and survive in today’s digital world.

SDCES provides free computer training to underprivileged students. They are trained by experts of the field who also provide them practical training for hands-on experience. Expert trainers and volunteers make sure the students receive the best knowledge of computer.


Our Beauty Therapy Course is quiet popular, women easily find work in beauty salons or even become self entrepreneurs with their own portable parlors


The primary objective of this program is to support and strengthen economically deprived women to help them improve their chances of earning a livelihood. Besides, the handicraft training program also contribute to keep alive the traditional Indian art and handicraft culture practiced by rural artisans who create articles of unmatched beauty and great market potential.

Indian craft heritage is rich and unique as the country has been the land of great artists. Taking inspiration from its rich past, SDCES intends to revive the ancient culture and provide today’s deprived generation a medium of earning a livelihood. Through handicraft training program, we train artists and crafts persons to enhance their skills as per modern requirements and attain immense recognition.

Our training centres provide practical knowledge under the guidance of volunteers and trained artists to help enrolls learn new ideas and contemporary designs which gain worldwide attention. We also organize workshops to help women understand the trend and feel confident about their knowledge and skills

In handicrafts, major training programs involve
  • Block Printing
  • Zari & Patchwork
  • Embrodiery
  • Artificial Jewellery
  • Soft Toys
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