These are truly testing times. The spread of Corona Virus Disease (COVID -19) across the world, over the last couple of months continues to affect all of us. Tackling COVID-19 could be the biggest challenge the world.

As India too goes under lock-down to help contain the highly infectious COVID -19, there are people from all walks of life getting affected both financially and emotionally. The most affected of them are the daily-wagers, the homeless and the underserved communities.

The impact of the pandemic has started to emerge as the country is in the lockdown situation, and the long-term consequences will be far-reaching and particularly extreme for the most vulnerable in India. Daily wage earners with marginal savings have temporarily lost their jobs and are unable to access food and essential items to sustain themselves.

SDCES has launched a humanitarian appeal to support the Nation’s Fight against COVID-19 and  focuses on immediate needs ;

  • Distribution of food and dry ration to the most vulnerable families.
  • Distribution of Safety Kit for community with Hand Washing Soaps, Liquid Soaps, Face Masks.
  • Installation of portable Hand Wash Stations at important places like Market, Panchyats, Health Centers and at community level.
  • Distribution of Safety Kits for Service Providers with Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) among the frontline health workers and caregivers.

Please make your contribution today to support fight against COVID-19 and help us contain the Corona Virus outbreak in India. Your support can help us strengthen government’s efforts towards it too.

Rs. 1000

Family hygiene kit for a month supply

Hygiene kit consisting of  – 4 soap bar, 1 liquid soap, 1 sanitary pads, 10 Face mask, 1 Hand Sanitizer  and 1 towel – for a family

Rs. 1500

Meal kit for a family for 2 weeks

Meal kit consisting of  – 5 kg flour, 5 kg Rice, 1 ltr Oil, salt, spices and pulses – for a family of  4 person for 2 weeks

Rs. 5000

Financial support to a daily wage worker

Monetary support to  daily wage earner family, who have temporarily lost their jobs and are unable to access food & essential items.